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SND hosts Chinese New Year folk culture festival

Date:2020-01-22 10:49

The launch ceremony of the SND folk cultural festival in celebration of the Chinese New Year was held on Jan. 19 in Longfor Shishan Paradise Walk of Suzhou New District (SND). As a cultural feast held by the SND Management Committee, this years festival features dozens of cultural and tourism activities, falling into 3 categories and focusing on 7 themes. It will last until Jan. 8.

The ceremony started with a flash mob presented by theSuzhou Chinese Orchestra. Some inheritors of intangible cultural heritages includingNew Year woodblock painting, sugar painting,doughfigurine and paper-cuttingshowed their superb skills. Eight local calligraphy masterswrote couplets for people as Spring Festival gifts. People could also buy special purchases for the Spring Festival at the fair consisting of 20 stalls.